Lisa Dillan

On "Change Of Habit" Lisa and her guitarist Asbjørn Lerheim collaborates with the pianists Bugge Wesseltoft and Tord Gustavsen, trumpeter Eivind Lønning and not least Elvis' bassist Norbert Putnam. This is their second album based on material from Elvis' song catalogue.

- We live in a time of much turbulence and noise, this project has arisen as a reaction. The result has been music that simplify and purify the silent power of these beautiful songs in themselves.

"When Dylan can interpret Sinatra,

Dillan can interpret Elvis – at least as good!"

Vårt Land, 2015


Lisa Dillan, vocal, orange, glass

Asbjørn Lerheim, guitar

Bugge Wesseltoft, piano

Tord Gustavsen, piano

Eivind Lønning, trumpet

Elvis' original bass player Norbert Putnam

Released in 2015, on Kirkelig kulturverksted

Produced by Lisa Dillan