Lisa Dillan

Sonic extremes

In her solo project, Lisa works with sonic extremes and break points between raw and beautiful, between relaxation and tension. She works only with her microphone, and without any other electronic adaptations. The album contains a CD with 12 tracks, and a DVD with performance 6 videos.


"All the tracks are recorded in one take, without overdubs or effects. It's impressive, and shows how she works purely, real and honest in the expression – both with musical moving of chairs, rubbing on glass and breathing noise."

Bergens Tidende

"Arousal is not just an "interesting" but a sumptuous charming and highly competent work - with beauty free from norms, That any receptive person can experience, and every living soul can draw nourishment from."


"Regardless of what kind of forum we experience her, either through the ears or through the glasses too, emerges Lisa Dillan as an artist who has something special to offer. She is fearless, brave and funny and open doors that we never knew existed."



All performances, lyrics and choreography by Lisa Dillan.

Released in 2010, Musikkoperatørene

Prodused by Lisa Dillan

"All the way through this magnificent release it is apparent that Lisa is doing

her own thing and in her own style. She has not only over the years created her own style or soundscapes, she is also still energetic, playful, unafraid, and very much uncompromising."