"Elvis is not alive, and he has not returned either.

But he must simply be reincarnated in Lisa Dillan "

Adresseavisa, Norway

Release week program - "A Playdate With Elvis"


March 4th - Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo kl 19:00

March 5th - Q&A with Norbert Putnam, Pokalen kl 16:30

March 6th - "Speilet" Blå Grotte, Fredrikstad kl 20:30

March 7th - Sekkefabrikken kulturhus, Slemmestad, kl 21:00

Release "Change Of Habit"


The new record "Change Of Habit" is released and available in recordshops in Norway, on iTunes and some songs on Soundcloud, Spotify and this webpage. The album is recorded with Lisa's musical partner, guitarist Asbjørn Lerheim, pianists Bugge Wesseltoft and Tord Gustavsen, and Elvis´ bass player Norbert Putnam.


Check out the program for the release week 3.-7.3 in the calander. In the autumn, Lisa, Asbjørn and Elvis´ original musicians are going on an international tour celebrating Elvis´ 80ieth birthday.

Lisa Dillan

From left Paul Leim - drums, James Burton - guitar, Lisa Dillan - vocal, Asbjørn Lerheim - guitar, Norbert Putnam - bass.


On the release tour


Lisa Dillan & Asbjørn Lerheim


Tord Gustavsen

and Norbert Putnam, Elvis' bass player


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